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Thank you for visiting the Amazing Cities Website. Cities and Towns are the backbone of our country and their success determines the quality of life for millions of citizens. I have devoted my life to helping local governments prosper and grow. If you share my passion for local government, take a look around and contact us to see if we can take your City or Town, from great to AMAZING!

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Jim Hunt is a speaker, author and thought leader who is a well-known Keynote speaker for organizations that work to create Amazing communities. His book, "The Amazing City-7 Steps to Create an Amazing City" outlines practical steps to improve where we live, work and play. Audiences enjoy his relaxed style and ability to relate to the audience. 

IT Consulting


Amazing Cities provides consulting services to leading companies and organizations who work with local governments. We also specialize in city council retreats and specialized training for local government entities. We work with our clients to prepare a professional proposal that meets their needs and delivers results.

Business Meeting


Companies and organizations that are looking to do business with local governments need to have professional guidance in order to succed. We have an unmatched record of success in building brand awareness and solid sales results. We deliver with ethical and professional services. 



431 East Pike Street 

Clarksburg, WV  26301


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