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How would you like your next meeting to be AMAZING? Jim Hunt is a speaker who can deliver a passionate presentation to your attendees and give them a message that will change the way they look at their community. His new book, The Amazing City-7 Steps to Creating an Amazing City, is the foundation for an incredible message that is resonating throughout the country. He gives real world examples of strategies that work and the roadmap to success. 

Jim provides customized Keynotes, Workshops, Facilitated Discussion Groups and other services to make your meeting AMAZING!


Jim is a meeting planners delight! He promptly replies to your emails, returns calls, and arrives on time with a professional presentation.  

See Jim Hunt in action


2019   Keynote Presentation to New Hampshire Municipal Assoc.

2019   Workshop for National League of Cities University

2019   Presentation to First-time Attendees, NLC Washington, DC

2019   Presentation to Town-Gown Committee, Lancaster, SC

2018   City Council Retreat for Dumfries, VA in Washington, DC

2018   Workshop for National League of Cities University

2017   Keynote Presentation to Association Indiana Municipalities 

2017   Keynote Presentation to Palm Beach County League of Cities

2017   Keynote Presentation to New York Conference of Mayors

2017   Keynote Presentation to Prince William County, VA Chamber

2017   Effective Council Manager Relationships Workshop, Wash. DC

2017   Keynote Presentation to Arkansas Municipal League, Little Rock, AR

2016   Keynote Presentation to North Dakota League of Cities, Bismarck, ND

2016   Keynote Presentation to Tennessee Municipal League, Gatlinburg, TN

2016   Keynote Presentation to Alabama League of Municipalities, Mobile, AL

2016   Presenter to America's Best Communities, Durham, NC

2016   Keynote Presenter to Pennsylvania Municipal League Regional Meeting

2015   Keynote Presentation to New Mexico Municipal League, Albuquerque

2014   Keynote Presentation to Colorado Muncipal League

2014   Workshop Presentation to National League of Cities University

2014   Keynote Presenation to International Town-Gown Association

2014   Panelist at the Alliance for Innovation "Big Ideas" Conference

2014   Presenter at National League of Cities "Solutions Theater"

2013   Keynote Presentation to League of Oregon Cities

2011   Led National League of Cities delegation to Durban, South Africa

2010   Delegate to the UCLG World Council Meeting in Mexico City, Mexico

2009   Presenter at the 1st Green Cities Conference in Portland, Oregon

2008   Delegate to UCLG World Council Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey

2007   Delegate to 1st City Diplomacy Conference in The Hauge, Netherlands

2007   Presenter at UCLG World Congress in Jeju Island, South Korea

2006   Delegate to UCLG World Council Meeting in Marrakech, Morocco

2006   Delegate to World Urban Forum in Vancouver, British Colombia

2005   RUPRI Fellowship to European Union, Brussels, Belgium

2002   U.S. State Department Study Tour of the Peoples Republic of China

2002   Presenter at Connecting Communities Conference in Caux, Switzerland

Meeting Planners: Right "Click" below on image to use for publicity purposes
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“Jim Hunt’s keynote presentation, ‘From Great to AMAZING’ at the League of Oregon Cities 88th Conference was great and Amazing. After his presentation you could hear all through the halls, elected officials praising his presentation and desiring MORE! His presentation had humor, thoughtful and touching ideas that inspired me and even brought tears. We run for office to make a difference in our community and Mr. Hunt shared very practical ideas with touching humility and candor. Everyone love the presenta- tion and the man himself.”

Mayor Cynthia Choat City of Halsey, Oregon 

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