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Inside The Amazing City; 7 Steps to Creating an Amazing City, you'll explore these steps:

• Attitude
• Motivation
• Attention to Detail
• “Zing”
• Inclusiveness
• Neighborhood Empowerment

• Green Awareness


Praise for The Amazing City

"From his service as mayor of Clarksburg, West Virginia to his leadership as president of the National League of Cities, Jim Hunt’s career has focused on building amazing cities that will thrive and prosper into the future. Hunt expertly describes the key elements of successful cities through stories and examples that can help city leaders capitalize on opportunities to make their cities amazing.”


Clarence E. Anthony, CEO and

Executive Director, National League of Cities


“When it comes to municipal government, Jim Hunt has risen to the top to become a “go to” expert in the arena.”

Lisa Dooley, Executive Director

West Virginia Municipal League

“Jim Hunt has written a personal narrative based on his experi- ence as an elected of cial and an engaged observer of cities. This is an excellent resource for all who are passionate advocates for cities.”

Don Borut, former Executive Director

National League of Cities


“Jim Hunt has written a compelling book that gives practical ideas to city leaders on how to create innovative and Amazing cities. His focus on attitude and attention to detail is on tar- get and is shared with companies like ours that know the value of customer service. The book really made me realize just how much cities are living, breathing entities that, like people, when cared for really come alive and become their best. An AMAZING read!”

Tom Rusin, CEO

HomeServe USA

“Jim Hunt has written the KISS (Keep It Simple Stu- pid) primer for local governments. With his vast local, national and international experience, he gives us 7 ba- sic action items for successful cities. As a former mayor who has worked closely with Jim, here’s my advice to local government of cials.... buy this book and follow these steps, you won’t regret it!”


Bill Byrne

Former Mayor, City of Morgantown, West Virginia 

“Jim Hunt knows that creating an Amazing City takes compassion, commitment and hard work. His actions and innovations have helped influence the Not In Our Town movement to stop hate and intolerance across the country. We look forward to sharing his lessons with our network.”


Patrice O’Neill, Founder and Executive Producer

Not In Our Town/The Working Group



 “Jim Hunt draws on his extensive experience as a highly effective local government leader to create an engaging and practical handbook for elected officials and policymakers as well as business and community leaders who want to build healthy, inclusive cities in our rapidly changing world.”


Rob Corcoran, founder of Hope in the Cities,

  and author of Trustbuilding: An Honest Conversation

 on Race, Reconciliation and Responsibility  

The book for City Managers, Mayors, Communication Managers, Council Members and anyone involved in local government.

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The Amazing City JPEG (1)_edited_edited.
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